1) High quality of work

Rentforce employs highly experienced operators which eases the communication and mutual understanding at your construction site. They will fulfill in time and with high accuracy the given tasks.

2) Low prices

Call us and you will be pleasantly surprised!

3) An individual approach for every customer.

Our employees excel in their practical knowledge of the technical possibilities of our equipment. They treat every customer with special attention without wasting your time and money.

4) No downtime

Our mobile service team ensures reliable operation of our equipment. In case of necessity we will exchange any malfunctioning equipment.

5) For the convenience of our customers:

  • Quick drafting of necessary documents
  • Own courier service
  • On site consultation by our specialist

With renting construction equipment you will save on:

  • Purchase of expensive capital goods;
  • Insurance of equipment;
  • Salary of operators and mechanics;
  • Servicing and maintenance;
  • Storage of equipment;
  • Depreciation;
  • Property and road tax.

Furthermore with renting equipment from Rentforce Ltd:

  • You get equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers in optimal technical condition;
  • You get the chance to understand if the equipment fulfills your needs prior to buying it;
  • You get equipment dedicated for a certain job, without having to worry what to do with the equipment when the job is done;
  • You will be able to increase your productivity significantly during peak periods.


Our offices in Moscow, Sochi and Voronezh serve the whole European part of Russia. We will take care of delivery of our equipment to your construction site.

Our equipment can be rented for a period of minimal 2 weeks.